What is Recycling?

What is Recycling?

What is Recycling? Recycling is such a common word which we often hear in our day to day life. But do we really understand the meaning of it? Recycling is the process of recovery or reprocessing of old or waste material, which converts into raw material or new products. 

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For example – Have you ever wondered what happens to your old Newspaper?  Your old newspaper when you give to the Raddiwala or local recycler, he/she then sends it ahead to the Recycling factory- where the newspaper goes through the process of pulping, bleaching, pressing, drying and then the final product after this process is your recycled paper which is used for printing, writing or packing etc.

What is Recycling?
What is Recycling?


Recycling is the systematic conversion of waste material into reusable products. The journey begins with the collection of recyclables like paper, glass, plastic and metal. This initial step often overlooked in its simplicity, serves as the crucial link between individual actions and global impact.


Once collected, this materials undergo meticulous process of sorting and processing. Advanced technology and facilities meticulously separate different types of recyclables, ensuring that each material streams remains pure and ready for transformation. This step is imperative to maintain the integrity of the recycle products, minimizing contamination and minimizing their potential for reuse.

Recycling of News paper
What is Recycling?

One of the compiling advantages of recycling lies in its ability to conserve natural resources. Moreover, recycling leaves as linchpin in waste reduction strategies. 

In conclusion recycling is more than a waste management strategy, it is a catalyst for positive environmental change. By embracing recycling, individuals and communities actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable and resilient future. While recycling waste and scrap becomes a testament to our commitment to a healthier planet. Today’s choice of recycling can shape our sustainable tomorrow. So Plz Recycle!!!

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